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As I rise daily, I choose to make a conscious decision to do what it takes for me to live a peaceful, fulfilling, balanced lifestyle.




Our mission is to help women of all ages, and diverse groups, to discover, explore, empower and celebrate their inner selves. Our goal is, once they have searched every area; Mind, Body, & Soul, that they would become complete inside and out. As women who are in touch with their true selves, they can now walk in balance  enabling them to live a more peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle. We realize not all of the women may need help in every area, so we customized several programs to meet the different needs.



We have a Beauty Camp for young ladies, which helps build character, confidence, and self-esteem that leads to love. We created an eight - week program that offers techniques for inner beauty, outer beauty and social etiquette

Next, we offer a program for Teen Mothers, which assist with helping them with parenting and self-care that will guide towards a better life for them both  - the child and mother. They will be given coupons through out the program to purchase a baby care bag, with items for the baby. This is an incentive to encourage their participation.

Finally, we offer a workshop called Whole Balanced Woman which offers assistance in spirit, mind and body. Most women were taught how to care for others, but in doing so they have neglected to care for themselves. This can lead to "silent shrinking" on the inside and balancing her life becomes difficult.  With the proper tools, we believe that women will be able to balance their health, family, finances. Be sure to register for the next workshop now.

We welcome you to enroll in our programs scheduled throughout the year starting in the fall of 2012. Be sure to visit each program page for each program curriculum.


I look forward to working with you.


Joyce Sholar, Director/CEO
Woman Of Honor Corporation

Email: contact@womanofhonor.com


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